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SRED consultants and grant funding experts at Tax Incentives Made Easy are independent team of experienced scientists, engineers and tax professionals.  As such, our backgrounds include Ex-CRA, PhD., Masters, Medical professionals. Combined with superior background we can access advanced tools to help Canadian companies efficiently get more money from the government, and get it faster too!  
Having a proven track record in positively delivering R&D tax credits since 2007,  we benefit Canadian small businesses. We don’t just stop there.  We consult with your business to ensure we find you and add-on an assortment of grants, and various other government (non-repayable) funding and financing, etc. 
Above all reputation in the industry is Golden!  For instance, our high success rates (greater than 95%) is an obvious benefit to SMEs.  Also, our wide breadth of knowledge serve businesses in many industries, such as Pharma, Medical Physician, Software, Technology, Vegan Food, Manufacturing, Green Environmental Energy, etc.  In other words, it makes sense to utilize our consulting services, expertise and knowledge in the subject matter in order to get results for your business.  Call 647 709 6368 today!

How our services can benefit you:

We have access to an untapped government funding market.  You can even access our free tools to find all types of funding available for businesses in Canada.  Some examples include:

Non-dilutive, non-repayable:

•    Grants & subsidies
•    Tax credits and tax incentives


•    Government & private sector loans
•    Angel and VC funding
•    Equity financing

Also find advise and guidance from startup accelerators and incubators.


As SRED Consultants our advisers can save you time, money and of course make you more money. 


Grant Writers and SRED Consultants:​

Our SR&ED (SR and ED) tax credits claim & government grant application writing team can educate you about programs.  We offer the following services:


a) full-service (from a to z, we do it all, and save you time);

b) training for your staff  (want to keep it in-house?  No problem.  We can train your team to
become pros in claiming tax credits, or even completing winning government applications);

c) get a 2nd opinion (we’ll review your draft claims or notes);

d) check eligibility, and even provide a customized government funding report that benefits your business.


does that sound?


What we do best is complete SR&ED applications, submit R&D tax credits (SR&ED claims). Don’t take a chance with your time and money.  In conclusion, we will boost your cash flows and similarly help grow your operations through government grants, funding and tax credits.  Is that something that would be of interest to you today?


Get SRED Consultants Risk-Free services:

We are assisting companies across Canada to secure government funding since 2007.  Thus, our 15+ years of experience can help your company navigate complexities in the government funding system.  In addition, we established high quality reputation with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and other funding agencies.  Here are some other benefits to working with us:

    • Very strong program knowledge you can reference;
    • Get positive results and increase your chances of success;
    • Strategically maximize funding amounts between $50K to $1M+;
    • Learn how to effectively stack or combine multiple programs, such as tax credits, government grants, loans etc.

Proven SRED and grants funding strategies of Top Management Consultants can help grow your business faster:

Beginning with the end in mind, and setting our client’s goals/benefits, we work to boost cash flows and generate new income streams for businesses.  For instance, when working with us, the benefits are plenty,  and go beyond full-service, which means reducing your/teams time; thus, freeing you to focus  on your business.

Similarly, we share best practices to identify, capture, and document your projects. You will find that our free custom tracking systems (appreciated by our customers) are efficient and save you time when documenting to meet CRA’s strict eligibility criteria.


Our motto

‘YOUR success IS our success!’ –  Gautam’s purpose is to be of service.  Above all, he’s always enjoyed helping others, and since days as a youngster has always strived towards excellence and remained a topper throughout his academic career.

Early in his career, his heart was in the science and research, and his love to help others is inborn.  Later, his interests and skills at technology flourished, and together it paved the way towards entrepreneurship.  Thus, in 2007 launched Tax Incentives Made Easy to help Canadian businesses grow through government support, and soar to their goals … and beyond!

We present over 15 years’ experience in Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentives, digital media tax credits, government grants and funding businesses. Gautam’s expertise stems from working at two prior financial management consulting firms.  This is further solidified by a series of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and other industry related courses/certifications.

As CEO of Tax Incentives Made Easy (affectionately referred to as T.i.M.E Consulting Group)  he is the lead R&D / Government Funding Specialist. He has build a strong team of talented individuals who love the work enthusiastically. They shine like bright stars.

Gautam's key to success

  • love of chess, soccer and anything sports;
  • aim to win – and winning government grant applications means success for his clients 🙂
  • passionate about empowering others to achieve their full potential;

Gautam is of East Indian decent.  Being a personal supporter of World Vision Canada for a number of years, sponsor to children in Africa, where he spent his childhood.  Though born in the MiddleEast, he grew up in Zambia (Africa), before emigrating to our great land – Canada.


During his free-time, Gautam likes to play sports, advance spiritually, and prefers to govern by Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, exemplary in a sustainable plant based diet of choice.   Additionally, compassion is a great virtue in all of us.  During the Covid-19  he has chosen to help the families in need of support because he believes that together, we can support each other, and stand up to Covid-19.

Our Goal

Do you believe that government funding should benefit every business?  If you answered yes, you are not alone.  We are on a mission, and that means getting every business in Canada funded! 


Our commitment is to increase our reach, and to bring awareness to all government benefits for Canadian businesses.  As a result, when a business is fueled by government grants, then in turn, it will generate jobs.  We believe this will both empower individuals, and help our Canadian economy grow.  It’s so much more than just a vocation. It’s a way of life!




Medical sr&ed consultants

Ph.D. in Laboratory Medicine

& Pathobiology

Team of TiME Consulting Group Inc.




SR&ED consultants with CRA experience


Master of Business
Administration (MBA), University of Alberta


Team of TiME Consulting Group Inc.


Technical consultant

SRED Consultants of Computer science


Ph.D Computer Science

Web Developer


Web/Software Developer with

Business Analyst

SRED Consultants Canada


Software/IT SR&ED
claims writer


SRED expert


Master of Science (Textile Technology), 2008-09, University of Manchester, UK


Industrial SRED consultants


Industrial Engineering Technology

St. Clair College

Team of TiME Consulting Group Inc.


University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Team of TiME Consulting Group Inc.


MASc, Peng,

Aerospace engineering

Team of TiME Consulting Group Inc.


M.Eng., Mechanical Engineering,

McGill University

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