First-Time Claimant Advisory Service

First-Time Claimant Advisory Service

First things first, there is no need to be worried about receiving a FTCAS notice after your SR&ED claim has been submitted.

What is an FTCAS Review?

Introduced at the beginning of 2014, FTCAS reviews are a complimentary service that the CRA is providing for first-time SR&ED claimants. They are meant to be educational and conversational so that every new claimant has a better understanding of what the CRA looks for in a SR&ED claim. More specifically, the CRA states that a SR&ED reviewer will come to your office and provide advice on:

  • how to identify potential eligible work in the context of your business;
  • how to identify allowable expenditures;
  • the types of documentation and other evidence that could support a claim; and
  • how to complete and file future SR&ED claims.

Before we go any further, we should remind you that FTCAS meetings are not to be confused with CRA Reviews. CRA Reviews are much more elaborate as they determine whether to approve or deny the details of your SR&ED claim. There are three different types of reviews: desktop; financial only; and financial and technical.

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