We Are

Who We Are

  • We are experts with strong backgrounds in science and technology, and other diverse industries. We excel in our knowledge base, and can leverage the experience and talent of our team of scientists and engineers to be of service to your business.

    Our specialization involves the following industries:

    1. Software development / IT projects
    2. Bio-Technology / Pharmaceuticals Phase I-III clinical trials
    3. Food science / Agri-food
    4. Environmental / "Green" Technologies
    5. Manufacturing / Moulding, Tool & Die
    6. Machinary and Equipment
    7. Construction
    8. Mining, Oil and Gas
    9. Automotive
    10. Chemical and Plastics
    11. Telecom / Computer Hardware
    12. Electronics
    13. Aerospace
    14. Textiles
    15. Finance and Insurance
    16. Healthcare and Dental
    17. Pulp and Paper ... and many more.
  • Comprised of former master CRA reviewers possessing (PhD and MSc) in their specialized fields, along with experience with SR&ED cases within the Tax Court of Canada.
  • Professional accountant partners (C.A., C.P.A) having several years of experience.

On Your Side

Who Is On Your Side?

  • As a small business entrepreneur, it is to your advantage in having expert consultants represent "you"; largely due to CRA review procedures that entail technical and financial review staff working as a team in evaluating your work to determine whether it meets the eligibility criteria.

Your Gain

By Collaborating With Us You Stand To Gain by:

  • Saving your time (approximately 1-5 hours total), we truly complete all the work!
  • Establishing a credible position with the CRA based on our outstanding reputation
  • Leveraging access to our advanced knowledge base for better understanding.
  • Having experienced professionals review your technical / financial reports.
  • Optimizing your internal resources and eliminating the administrative burden to your staff, so they may consistently focus on their strengths of driving revenue into your business.
  • Free defending of your claim in the unlikely event of a review process.
  • Avoiding unnecessary reduction to your filed claims / applications.
  • Attaining a consistent and continuous service for thorough preparation of your tax forms, and tax planning
  • Ability to network with our other clients and grow your business.

"Okay, I now know who you are and your expertise, but what are these incentives?"


Join our team of experts

  • Technical Consultant (Computer Science/Information Technology Industry)

    We currently have a unique opportunity for a talented Technical Consultant to join our team of high caliber professionals. S/he will be esponsible for on site visits with clients, reviewing and analyzing clients’ technologies, conducting thorough technical interviews, coordinating and preparing technical reports describing the clients’ experimental research and development activities.

    Full time position requres canadidates with background in computer science /information technology. Responsibilities/Requirements:

  • University degree in the field of computer science, information technology or computer engineering.

    Masters and/or Ph.D. degree preferred but not mandatory

    Outstanding technical writing skills and editing capabilities.

    Excellent communication skills and ability to articulately discuss and convey technical matters in a variety of industries.

    Experience in preparing SR&ED tax credit claims - preferred but not mandatory.

    High degree of professionalism and ability to work comfortably and effectively with external client personnel at all levels of management.

    Excellent time management skills as well as the ability to work independently and to simultaneously handle multiple client projects.

    Ability to travel to client locations.

  • TiME Consulting is an equal opportunity employer, offering competitive remuneration and a generous benefit packages.

    Apply with confidence


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